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RPB Family Law

RPB Family Law

RPB Family Law

Trusted Ottawa Divorce Lawyers

Ensuring the health and happiness of your family is a never-ending responsibility that can sometimes present unique challenges. Most of these issues are covered under family law, which seeks to protect spouses, children, and their property in the event of marriage, separation, or divorce.

RPB Family Law in Ottawa covers several family dispute areas, including spousal support, child support, and property division. If you believe you have a family law case, contact RPB Family Law to learn how a knowledgeable Ottawa Divorce Lawyer can help you.

Why Should You
Hire RPB Family Law?

Personalized Services

The family law attorneys at RPB handle every case individually; we never assume that any two families are alike. Our approach allows us to offer services that are customized to your situation, providing you with the best possible results.

Friendly Approach

Family law matters can be highly sensitive and emotionally taxing. This is why we handle every case with the utmost compassion and understanding to make our clients feel welcome and protected.

Attention to Detail

Because we handle every case uniquely, we pay attention to the most minor details. You can be sure that nothing you tell us will be considered insignificant when evaluating evidence and building your case.

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Family Law in Ontario

Family law in Ontario comprises statutes, laws passed by the legislature, common law, and precedent adopted from court rulings. Recently, both statutes and precedents have been seen to change dramatically over short periods of time, making them especially challenging to apply to cases.

The changes in family law can be attributed to the significant shifts in societal expectations concerning family responsibilities and gender roles. The statutes and regulations currently applicable in Ontario include:

  • Family Law Rules
  • The Family Law Act
  • Children's Law Reform Act
  • The Divorce Act

At RPB Family Law, we are familiar with the ever-changing landscape of Family Law in Ottawa and know precisely which statutes and laws apply to your case.


Talk to an Ottawa Divorce Lawyer Today

RPB Family Law, an Ottawa-based family law firm, is dedicated to helping families find the best solutions to their problems. From divorce cases to child custody agreements, we approach every case with compassion and an open mind because we know that every family is different.

Our attorneys are highly experienced in all areas of Family Law in Ottawa and are willing to help you through any process. Contact us today at (613) 216-5044 to schedule a consultation with an experienced Ottawa Divorce Lawyer to discuss your case.

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