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The image many people have of a divorce proceeding involves frightening courtroom theatrics, never-ending disputes between the parties, and inevitable trauma. Many family law disputes resolve without going to court. Most people agree that prolonged or high-conflict divorces and separations can harm the participants both psychologically and financially, especially children who might suffer negatively in the process. Family law procedures now actively encourage families to use alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques wherever possible. RPB Family Law provides Ottawa families with assistance during mediation services. Our experienced lawyers go the extra mile to ensure our clients know their rights and help them reach a satisfying agreement. Get in touch with our team today!

Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods in Ottawa

ADR methods can significantly reduce the length, cost, and negative emotional impact of a divorce proceeding. The Ontario judicial system aims to exhaust every possible method of conflict resolution before the parties end up on a trial with the goal of both saving the judicial and the parties’ resources and their valuable time.

What is Divorce Mediation?

One of the most commonly utilized methods of ADR is mediation. In essence, the mediation process is a negotiation facilitated by the mediator, who is an impartial third party. What makes the mediation process distinct from other ADR methods such as arbitration, which is a process that resembles the trial proceeding, is the mediator’s inability to make the final decision for the parties.

The Role of the Mediator

Throughout the mediation session and the interviews conducted with the parties beforehand, the mediator will familiarize himself/herself with each party’s side of the story and will assist parties to see their issues from the other party’s perspective and mutually reach a decision that both are onboard with. The mediator’s role in a mediation session is to facilitate the resolution of the parties’ disputes by supervising the communication and the bargaining process.

The mediator will make recommendations on where compromises can be made and assist the parties to find a common ground and manage their unrealistic expectations.  It is never the job of the mediator to dictate an outcome or to compel a party to agree to something they are not comfortable with. Rather, the goal is to help the parties communicate and come to a solution that works for both. Resolutions are reached on the consent of both parties during mediation. The mediator can also assist the parties reach a binding agreement and facilitate drafting a final settlement.

The Mediation Process in Ottawa

Mediation is a hands-on and task-oriented process. The process is usually less time-consuming compared to a traditional legal proceeding and can help parties avoid unnecessary legal costs. It also provides the parties with more privacy and a high degree of flexibility compared to the court proceedings. Mediation sessions typically last for up to 10 hours. The mediator might conduct the session over one or more segments. This informal and confidential process typically takes place in a meeting room at the mediator’s office.

Often, mediators meet both parties and their attorneys together. They might also have individual talks to seek agreement.

Prior to the mediation session, you and your lawyer will discuss your hopes, goals, and ideal outcomes. You also need to clarify the areas where you might be willing to make a compromise and your non-negotiables.

Start mediation understanding the issues and your stance on them.

Is Divorce Mediation the Right Option for Me?

If you are considering mediation, various elements, and factors will contribute to your suitability for the process. Consider mediation after consulting our experienced Ottawa family law lawyer. Every family dispute is unique. Evaluate your needs and goals realistically, considering your past relationship dynamic.

Successful mediation requires open and honest discussions and a flexible attitude toward problem-solving. For example, mediation might not be the right option for you if there is an imbalance of power present in your and the other party’s relationship. In other cases where there is a history of abuse or ongoing abuse, mediation would not benefit the parties.

It is important to fully evaluate whether mediation is the right process for you to avoid further delays, expenses, and trauma. In most family disputes, the common goal is to resolve the issues in the most efficient way. In certain situations, mediation not only doesn’t help the parties reach this goal, It even further complicates the matter. Therefore, it is significantly important to have a detailed discussion with your lawyer before committing to the mediation process.

Do I Need an Ottawa Family Lawyer Throughout the Mediation Process?

During the mediation session, it is your lawyer’s responsibility to provide you with legal advice and not the mediator’s. The mediator will instead act as a “go-between” to help facilitate communication between the parties. However, the mediator cannot force the parties to agree, and cannot impose an outcome. If an agreement is not reached, however, the parties may decide to pursue their claims in other forums.

Accessing legal advice is crucial throughout the mediation process, especially when reaching an agreement. Parties should have a lawyer review the final Agreement before executing it. They must protect their legal rights. Avoid terms that could harm future rights and liabilities. Having knowledgeable support simplifies mediation. A person who understands your case and laws benefits you.

Mediation lets you participate directly in drafting resolutions. You’ll need to make concessions during mediation. A mediator helps achieve a balanced agreement. Attorneys defend your rights throughout the procedure. Your attorney ensures agreements don’t disadvantage you later.

Professional Ottawa Divorce & Separation Mediation Services

If you are going through separation or a divorce, and contemplating whether mediation would be the right option for you, the experienced lawyers at RPB Ottawa Family Law will be able to provide you with the guidance you need. Book a consultation today with one of our experienced lawyers through our website.

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