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Separation Agreement

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separation agreements in Ottawa

couple considering a separation agreement.

According to Divorce Canada, if you are using separation as grounds for your divorce, then you must be separated from your spouse for a minimum of one full year. However, having a divorce or separation as a couple is never easy, and the legal process can be difficult to navigate. That’s why you need guidance from a divorce lawyer to draft an acceptable separation agreement. Our reliable, experienced Ottawa separation lawyers are ready to handle all your needs. They understand the financial and emotional aspects of your case and are uniquely qualified to offer proper guidance. Below are some of the ways that you can benefit from our lawyers at RPB Family Law. Get in touch with us today!

Preparation and Negotiation of Separation Agreement

As a couple, you may consider a settlement rather than going to court, as the process of going to court is often costly and time-intensive. However, while negotiating such separation agreements, there often needs to be clarity and unity of purpose especially if there are children involved. In cases that involve children, it is often best to set aside your individual needs, and instead focus on the needs of the children. This is usually best for everyone involved and can help you be much more comfortable with the separation agreement. During preparations, it is important to involve an experienced lawyer to help you prepare and guide you in the negotiations so that the deal will be fair to you.

Child Support and Spousal Support Calculations

It’s important for the figures to be accurate when it comes to income sharing. That is what the calculations for spousal support need to address. However, it can be a complex procedure for a couple who has never experienced such evaluations. With an experienced Ottawa family lawyer, you will have access to valuable guidance on the guidelines and legislation regarding spousal support and child support. When looking at the child support, they also provide advice on the section 7 expenses, also referred to as special and extraordinary expenses for the children.

Constructive Trust and Joint Family Venture Claims

A separation lawyer can help you in finding constructive trust claims, as well as other trust claims, and can help make the court order for the equitable remedy for that unfairness. They assist in evidence gathering, which is essential for making these claims. 

Alternative Separation Dispute Resolution

In some cases, you may consider an out-of-court resolution. This can be a good option and may reduce the psychological stress that can be caused by court processes. The alternative dispute resolution may involve negotiation, arbitration, and/or mediation. Divorce lawyers have the necessary experience to help these dispute resolutions run smoothly and ensure that the resolution is fair and legal.

Court Separation Agreement Litigation in Ottawa

There are times when the disputes are not resolved during the separation process, even after endless out-of-court meetings. In such cases, taking the case to court may be necessary. However, the court litigation approach requires proper preparation as the court will carefully account for and consider all available information. Court processes will be much less daunting and will generally have a better outcome with the help of an Ottawa separation lawyer. Their experience will give them the ability to have a better understanding of the client’s situation and what kinds of information could be important evidence.

How Can We Help

  • Prepare and negotiate separation agreements.
  • Child and spousal support calculations.
  • Constructive trust claims.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution. 
  • Court litigation.

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Finding the right lawyer is imperative when going through a separation. Experienced divorce and separation lawyers are well-versed in matters of spousal and child support concepts, separation and negotiation agreements, and filing constructive trust and joint family venture claims. Also, they can guide on the alternative dispute resolution and the court litigation procedures.

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