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Arnprior Divorce Lawyer

Arnprior Divorce Lawyer

Set Up Your Fully Private Case Review With an Arnprior Divorce Lawyer

At RPB Family Law, our Arnprior family lawyers are experienced, supportive, and solutions-focused advocates for clients. We take on the full range of family law matters—from divorce to custody to child support. You do not have to navigate a complex legal issue on your own. Do you have any specific questions or concerns about a family law case? We are more than ready to help. Contact our legal team today for a confidential consultation with a top-tier Arnprior divorce lawyer. 

A Full-Service Family Law Firm Proudly Serving Arnprior  

As a boutique law firm devoted to personalized support, RPB Family Law knows how sensitive and complicated issues involving family can be. Regardless of what you are currently dealing with, our divorce lawyers can help you develop a plan of action to protect your rights and secure your future. Family law cases that we have experience with in Arnprior and elsewhere in Ontario include: 

  • Divorce: Navigating the end of a marriage is challenging. As a solutions-forward family law firm, our objective is to streamline the legal proceedings for you. We are more than ready to support every aspect of your divorce. Our firm handles uncontested and contested divorce cases in Ontario. To set up a confidential consultation with a top-tier Arnprior divorce lawyer, please do not hesitate to contact us today. 
  • Property Division: In Ontario, all of a couple’s property acquired during a marriage is presumed to be jointly (50/50) owned. However, that does not mean that dividing property in a divorce is easy. Our Arnprior divorce lawyers have the skills and experience to help clients handle complex property division matters. 
  • Spousal Support: Spousal support is a payment made by the financially advantaged spouse to the more financially vulnerable party either during the divorce process and/or after the finalization of the divorce. To be clear, spousal support is not automatically awarded in every divorce. If you have any questions about spousal support, our Arnprior divorce lawyer can help. 
  • Child Custody: In Ontario, custody and visitation cases are resolved with consideration to the best interests of the child. For parents who share young kids or teenagers, navigating custody is a key part of any divorce or separation case. If you have any questions about child custody, our Arnprior family law lawyer is more than ready to help. 
  • Child Support:  Children are entitled to financial support from both parents, covering essentials like nutrition, accommodation, and education. Our firm helps parents in Arnprior take on a broad spectrum of child support matters. We will protect your financial interests. 
  • Adoption: While adoption is a truly rewarding journey for families and children alike, it also involves a complicated legal process. Our mission is to help prospective adoptive families navigate the adoption process. We are qualified to handle all types of adoptions—from stepparent adoptions to private adoptions. Contact us to learn more. 
  • Mediation: We know that most people going through family law disputes—whether a divorce to a custody case—desire an amicable, low-conflict solution. Mediation can be a great tool to negotiate an agreement. A neutral mediator helps parties work towards a solution. Our Arnprior divorce lawyers represent clients in mediation. 

How Our Arnprior Divorce Lawyers Can Help

Nothing should come before you and your family. Going through any type of family law case can be stressful, even overwhelming. At RPB Family Law, we have the professional experience and legal expertise that you can rely on. More specifically, our Arnprior family lawyer can: 

  • Hear your story and answer questions about your family law case; 
  • Conduct a thorough investigation—gathering documents/records to support your claim; 
  • Represent you in any settlement negotiations with a spouse, co-parent, or other party; and
  • Develop a personalized strategy designed to help you achieve the best possible outcome. 

Proper legal representation in a family law case requires personalized support. We are ready to invest time and resources. Attention to detail matters. Listen to what our clients have to say and contact our Arnprior family lawyers directly with any specific questions or concerns. 

Get Help From a Top-Tier Arnprior Family Lawyer Today

At RPB Family Law, our Arnprior family lawyers invest the time, resources, and attention to the small details to help our clients find the best solution. Have questions about your rights or your options? Contact our divorce lawyers now for a strictly confidential initial appointment. Our family law firm handles cases in Arnprior and throughout the surrounding area in Southern Ontario. Call us at 613-216-5044.