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Top Cornwall Divorce & Family Law Lawyer

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At RPB Family Law, our Cornwall divorce and family lawyers are skilled, experienced, and future-focused advocates. As a boutique law firm that has a sole focus on family law, we have what it takes to deliver top-tier, fully personalized services to our clients. If you need more information about a family law issue, we are here to help. Contact us today to set up a confidential initial appointment with an experienced Cornwall family law lawyer. 

We Handle All Types of Family Law Cases in Cornwall, Ontario

Family matters. Any type of family law case—whether it is a divorce or a disagreement of child custody—can be challenging. You do not have to figure out everything alone. RPB Family Law provides the solutions-forward legal guidance that people can trust for the case that matters most. Along with other family law cases, our Cornwall lawyers handle: 

  • Divorce: There is no question that ending a marriage is tough. It can be the right decision, but there will still be many emotional, logistical, financial, and legal matters that must be resolved. We are here to make the process as smooth as possible—from the initial filing to the final decree. Our Cornwall family lawyers are ready to protect your rights every step of the way. We handle contested and uncontested divorce cases.
  • Property Division: One of the most contentious (complicated) aspects of divorce is dividing property. You and your spouse need to decide who gets what. In Ontario, any property acquired during the course of the marriage is presumptively 50/50 owned—but that does not make splitting it up in a divorce easy. We handle even the most complex of property division cases in Arnprior. Contact us today for a confidential consultation. 
  • Spousal Support: Spousal support (alimony) is a payment made by one spouse to another during the divorce process and/or after a divorce. In Ontario, spousal support can be awarded when certain criteria are met—but it is not required. Indeed, spousal support is only granted in a minority of cases. We help negotiate proper spousal support agreements. Our Cornwall family lawyer represents the payors and recipients of spousal support. 
  • Child Custody: For parents who share young kids or teenagers, deciding who the children will live with and how parenting time will be shared is often the most emotional part of a breakup. We help parents prioritize your children’s best interests. With a deep understanding of Ontario law, our Cornwall family lawyers have the experience you can trust. Contact our Cornwall custody lawyer today for help with your case .
  • Child Support: Children deserve financial support from both parents. We help calculate the appropriate amount of child support―with careful consideration for factors like income, the number of kids being supported, childcare expenses, and the children’s unique medical needs. Contact our Cornwall family lawyers today for help with a child support case. 
  • Adoption: Growing your family through adoption is a beautiful journey, but it can also be complex. Whether you are adopting locally or internationally, we navigate the legal requirements with you, ensuring the process goes as smoothly as possible. We want parents to be able to focus on welcoming a new family member. Do you have any specific questions or concerns about the adoption process? Contact our Cornwall family lawyer for help. 
  • Mediation: Not all family law issues need to be battled out in court. Mediation offers a less confrontational approach, where a neutral third party helps you and your ex-partner come to agreements on issues like property division, child custody, and support.

You Can Rely On Our Family Lawyers for Guidance and Support

Navigating a family law dispute can be stressful, frustrating, and even overwhelming. At RPB Family Law, we put an emphasis on helping our clients find solutions that work. We are proactive. When you reach out to our firm, you will work with a Cornwall family lawyer who can: 

  • Hear what you have to say and answer family law questions; 
  • Help you gather and organize all supporting information; 
  • Advocate for your best interests in settlement talks; and
  • Develop a strategy to help protect your rights and secure your future. 

Family is important. A one-size-fits-all approach to legal representation is not good enough. Our Cornwall family lawyers invest time, care, compassion, and resources into every case that we take on. With a history of client reviews, you can count on our law firm when it matters most. 

Contact Our Cornwall Family Lawyers for Immediate Assistance

At RPB Family Law, our Cornwall family lawyer is standing by, ready to help you find the answer. If you have any specific questions about a legal matter, please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange your strictly confidential consultation. Our firm provides solutions-first family law representation in Cornwall and throughout the wider region in Eastern Ontario.