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Embrun, ON Divorce & Family Law Lawyer

Divorce & Family Law Lawyer in Embrun

We Provide Solutions-Focused Family Law Representation in Embrun

At RPB Family Law, our Embrun family lawyers are skilled, focused, transparent, and solutions-first advocates for our clients. Family law is our exclusive practice area—and we have lawyers who are qualified to take on the full range of cases in Ontario. No matter what you are dealing with, our firm is here to help. Do you have questions about a family law matter? We are here as a legal resource. Contact us today to set up your completely confidential, no obligation initial consultation. 

We Handle All Types of Family Law Matters in Embrun, Ontario

Going through any type of legal issue related to family law can be stressful, even emotionally exhausting. RPB is an Ontario-based family law firm serving clients throughout the region, including right here in Embrun, We handle the full spectrum of cases with a personalized, friendly, and detailed-driven approach. An overview of family law cases that we handle in Embrun include: 

  • Divorce: Ending a marriage is one of the most difficult, emotionally draining experiences that a person can go through. We comprehensive family law representation in contested and uncontested divorce cases. If you are preparing for a divorce in Ontario, please do not hesitate to contact our Embrun divorce lawyer for a confidential consultation. 
  • Property Division: As part of a divorce, you and your spouse will have to work out the division of property, including savings, vehicles, personal property, the family home, and more. In Ottawa, marital assets are generally divided equally between the spouses—but the process can be very challenging. Our Embrun property division lawyers can help. 
  • Spousal Support: Spousal support is payment(s) from one party to another after a divorce or separation. It is not guaranteed by law in Ottawa—but it may be awarded if deemed appropriate. Most often, spousal support is granted if one spouse is in a financially less favorable position. Our Embrun spousal support lawyers will protect your rights. 
  • Child Custody: Are you a parent of a minor who is getting divorced or otherwise separating in Embrun. You will be required to come to terms regarding child custody, child visitation, and parenting time as part of your case. Our Embrun family lawyers have extensive experience handling complex child custody cases. 
  • Child Support: Canadian law is clear: Parents have a general responsibility to provide financial support to their kids. A non-custodial parent may need to make ongoing child support payments. We handle all types of child support cases in Embrun. Whether you are paying or receiving child support, our Embrun family lawyer is ready to help. 
  • Adoption: The adoption of a child is one of the most rewarding ways to make a difference and to grow your family. At the same time, adoption can be an incredibly legally challenging process. You do not need to figure out everything on your own. Contact our Embrun adoption lawyer for your confidential initial consultation. 
  • Mediation: Family law cases are sensitive. People are understandably emotionally-charged. Yet, there is often a strong desire to limit conflict and preserve relationships. Mediation can be one the most effective tools for resolving family law disputes in an amicable manner. We have extensive experience handling family mediation in Embrun. 

Why So Many People Trust RPB Family Law When it Matters Most

Family is important. Going through any type of family case—from a divorce to a custody battle—can be incredibly stressful. At RPB Family Law, we are proactive, knowledgeable, personable, and attentive to the small details. Our Embrun family lawyers are prepared to: 

  • Carefully listen to your story, answering your legal questions;
  • Help you gather and prepare all of the documents and records; 
  • Advocate for you in settlement with your ex spouse or co-parent; and
  • Develop a strategy focused entirely on protecting your rights and securing your future.  

We know that each and every case is different. You deserve a lawyer who is invested in your case. Our previous clients say it best. When you are going through a challenging family law case, you can rely on our Embrun family lawyers for personalized, solutions-first legal representation. 

Contact Our Embrun Family Lawyer for a Fully Confidential Consultation

At RPB Family Law, our Embrun family lawyers are trusted, experienced advocates for clients. Have questions about family law? We are here as a legal resource. Call us now or contact us online to arrange your completely confidential, no obligation initial consultation. We provide family law services in Embrun and throughout the surrounding region in Eastern Ontario. Call us at 613-216-5044.