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Kanata, ON Divorce & Family Law Lawyer

Kanata, ON Divorce & Family Law Lawyer

Schedule a Confidential Consultation With a Kanata Family Lawyer

At RPB Family Law, our Kanata family lawyers are experienced, solutions-focused advocates for clients. We are driven to help our clients protect what matters most—their family. If you have any specific questions or concerns about a family law case in Kanata, our legal team is more than ready to help. Contact us today to set up your strictly private, no obligation appointment with a lawyer. 

We Provide a Comprehensive Range of Family Law Services in Kanata

RPB Family Law is a law firm exclusively devoted to handling family law cases in Ontario. We are proud to serve clients in Kanata. Our lawyers take pride in providing top quality guidance and support. We have experience with a comprehensive range of cases. No matter the specific family law situation you find yourself in, our legal team is ready to review the matter and help you understand your rights, your options, and the next steps. Along with other types of cases, our Kanata family lawyers have experience with: 

  • Divorce: The end of a marriage can be a turbulent period. Not only is it often filled with emotions, there are many legal and logistical complexities. With a deep understanding of Canada law, we provide guidance through every stage of the divorce process. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Kanata divorce lawyer for help. 
  • Property Division: Splitting assets in a divorce can become one of the most contentious aspects of the separation. We work diligently to ensure a proper division of marital property, taking into consideration the unique nuances of each case. For help with property division in Kanata, contact our family law team today. 
  • Spousal Support: Spousal support is a payment made by the financially advantaged spouse to their former partner. We handle all types of spousal support cases. Whether you are seeking spousal support or are expected to pay it, our team provides robust representation. Contact our Kanata spousal support lawyers for immediate help. 
  • Child Custody: For parents in Kanata, a divorce or separation can be especially challenging. In Ontario, the best interests of the child standard applies to all custody cases. We help parents navigate the system—with a focus on protecting their rights and helping them find the best solution for their family. 
  • Parenting-Time: Beyond custody decisions, establishing a comprehensive parenting-time schedule is critical. Our Kanata family lawyers assist clients in developing schedules that prioritize the child’s stability and work best for their situation. If you have any questions about a parenting time issue, please do not hesitate to contact our Kanata family lawyers. 
  • Child Support: Ensuring the financial well-being of children after a separation or divorce is crucial. Whether you are paying child support or receiving child support, our Kanata family lawyers are standing by, ready to ensure your rights are protected. 
  • Adoption: Building a family through adoption is a joyous occasion. We offer comprehensive legal support through the adoption process, be it domestic, international, or stepparent adoptions. Contact our Kanata adoption lawyer today for a confidential consultation. 
  • Mediation: Not all family disputes require courtroom interventions. Our mediation services provide an alternative, fostering open communication and cooperation between parties. Mediation can often lead to more amicable resolutions, saving time, costs, and emotional distress. We have extensive experience representing clients in family mediation in Kanata. 

Why Rely On the Kanata Family Lawyers at RPB Family Law

Navigating a family law dispute can be challenging. You do not have to figure out the process on your own. At RPB Family Law, we provide supportive legal representation that you can trust when it matters most. Along with other things, our Kanata family lawyers are ready to: 

  • Listen to your story and answer your family law questions;  
  • Investigate the case—gathering all relevant evidence and information; and
  • Develop a personalized strategy focused on helping you get the best outcome. 

While we are trial-tested, our firm puts an emphasis on helping clients find amicable solutions whenever possible. We encourage you to review our client testimonials and to contact our Kanata family lawyers directly if you have any specific questions about your case. 

Contact Our Kanata Family Lawyer Today

At RPB Family Law, our Kanata family lawyers have the professional skills and proven legal experience that you can trust. Contact us today to set up your completely confidential initial consultation. Call us at 613-216-5044 for expert family law representation in Kanata and throughout the surrounding region in Ontario.