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Nepean, ON Divorce & Family Law Lawyer

Nepean, ON Divorce & Family Law Lawyer

Set Up Your Strictly Confidential Consultation With a Nepean Family Lawyer Today

At RPB Family Law, our Nepean family lawyers provide the solutions-driven, trustworthy legal counsel that our clients can rely on when it matters most. With experience handling a wide range of complex family law matters, we are ready to protect your rights and your interests. Contact us today to set up your fully private, no obligation case evaluation with a top Nepean family law lawyer. 

We Handle the Full Range of Family Law Cases in Nepean

RPB Family Law is an Ontario-based law firm specializing solely in family law matters. We are honored to serve Nepean from our nearby law office in Ottawa. Our lawyers are devoted to delivering exceptional service to people across the full spectrum of family law cases. Whether you are going through a divorce, custody dispute, or any other type of family law matter, we have the professional experience that you can count on. While we are a trial-tested law firm that stands ready to take aggressive action to protect the rights and interests of our clients, we put an emphasis on helping people find amicable, lost-conflict, and cost-effective solutions. Along with other cases, our Nepean family lawyers are adept at handling:

  • Divorce: Navigating the end of a marriage is never easy. There are often many difficult emotional, logistical, financial, and legal issues that must be addressed. Equipped with a thorough knowledge of Canadian law, we are ready to help you with every phase of your divorce. Contact our Nepean divorce lawyer for your confidential initial consultation. 
  • Property Division: Distributing assets during a divorce can escalate into one of the most disputed segments of the breakup. Even when property is being split 50/50, the details can make things a lot more complicated. Our Nepean family lawyers are ready to help you navigate property and debt division issues. 
  • Spousal Support: Have questions about spousal support? Whether you are the one who will be paying alimony or will be receiving alimony, our Nepean family law lawyers are standing by, ready to help you understand your rights and your options. 
  • Child Custody: For parents in Nepean, dealing with divorce or separation carries a lot of additional challenges. You will need to figure out child custody. We can help. With a deep understanding of the ‘best interests of the child’ legal standard, our Nepean child custody lawyers are ready to protect your parental rights. 
  • Parenting-Time: Parenting time is key. As part of a custody case, parents will generally need to come to a comprehensive parenting plan. We help parents work towards parenting time schedules that are best suited for their situation. 
  • Child Support: The parent without primary physical possession of a child may be required to pay child support. Whether you are the one providing or obtaining child support, our Nepean child support lawyer can help. 
  • Adoption: Adoption is a time for celebration. It is a wonderful way to add to your growing family. At the same time, the adoption process is complicated. We handle the full range of adoption cases—from private adoptions to international adoptions to stepparent adoptions. 
  • Mediation: Not every family conflict requires litigation. Quite the contrary, many people can effectively resolve their dispute in a non-adversarial, but still structured environment such as mediation. We have extensive experience handling family mediations in Nepean. 

How the Nepean Family Lawyers at RPB Family Law Can Help

Going through a family law case can be stressful, confusing, and even frustrating. The right legal counsel can make the difference. At RPB Family Law, we are a law firm dedicated to handling family law matters. You need proactive representation. Our Nepean family lawyers are prepared to: 

  • Hear your story and answer your family law questions; 
  • Thoroughly review your case—gathering documents, records, and evidence; and
  • Provide fully personalized legal family law support focused on getting the best results. 

There are no true one-size-fits-all answers in family law cases in Ontario. We invest time and resources into every case. With a record of testimonials from former clients, you can rely on our Nepean family lawyers for high quality legal representation. 

Get Help From Our Nepean Family Lawyer Today

At RPB Family Law, our Nepean family law lawyers are standing by, ready to review your case and help you determine the best path forward. Contact our legal team now to arrange your completely private, no obligation initial case review. With a conveniently located law office in Ottawa, we provide solutions-driven family law services in Nepean and throughout the wider region in Ontario.