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Pembroke Divorce Lawyer

Pembroke Divorce Lawyer

Get Help From a Top-Tier Pembroke Divorce Lawyer Today

At RPB Family Law, our Pembroke family lawyers are focused on the issues that matter most to our clients. With an exclusive practice in family law, we have the specialized expertise that people can trust. Whether it is a divorce, custody case, or any other family issue, our law firm takes a personalized, detail-driven approach. If you have questions about your rights, please do not hesitate to contact us today for a confidential consultation with a Pembroke family lawyer. 

We Provide Solutions-Focused Family Support in Pembroke

RPB Family Law is an Ottawa boutique law firm dedicated exclusively to the practice of family law. We are proud to provide high level legal advocacy to clients in Pembroke and throughout the surrounding region the Ottawa Valley. No matter the issue that you find yourself dealing with, we are prepared to help you determine what comes next. Family law issues that handle in Pembroke include: 

  • Divorce: Divorce is difficult. You and your spouse may both know that it is the right solution, but there are still many issues that need to be addressed and resolved. We help clients navigate all aspects of the divorce process, including legal and financial complexities. Our Pembroke divorce lawyers have experience with both uncontested divorce and contested divorce in Ontario. Contact us today to set up your confidential consultation. 
  • Property Division: Dividing property is a big issue in any divorce or separation. We have extensive experience in facilitating a proper distribution of assets—with a focus on protecting the rights of our clients. In Ontario, all of the property acquired during the marriage is presumed to be 50/50 owned by the spouses. 
  • Spousal Support: Following a divorce in Ontario, one party may be entitled to ongoing spousal support (alimony). We assist in determining appropriate spousal support levels, considering factors such as the length of the marriage, the roles of each spouse during the marriage, and each individual’s financial needs and capabilities. Contact our Pembroke divorce lawyers to learn more. 
  • Child Custody: For parents of young children, divorce or separation can be especially hard. We assist parents in reaching custody agreements that serve the best interests of the child—with a focus on fostering stable and loving environments. Your parental rights matter. Whether you are seeking sole custody or negotiating a joint custody agreement, our Pembroke divorce lawyers are prepared to help. 
  • Child Support: Parents have a duty to provide financial support for their children. We guide clients through the process of establishing, modifying, or enforcing child support payments. If you have any questions about a child support case, contact our Pembroke family lawyers today. 
  • Adoption: Adoption is a wonderful way to grow your family. At the same time, the legal process for adoption is extremely complex. You and your family do not have to navigate it alone. Our Pembroke family lawyers handle all types of adoption cases in Ontario. 
  • Mediation: Recognizing the value of resolving disputes outside of court, our mediation services offer a collaborative approach to family law issues. Mediation often allows parties to reach mutually agreeable solutions in a confidential and non-adversarial setting. 

Why People Trust Our Pembroke Family Lawyers When it Matters Most

It is normal to have a lot of questions when going through a family law case. At RPB Family Law, we are here to answer your questions and develop a proactive strategy focused on protecting your rights and securing your future. Along with other things, our Pembroke family lawyer will: 

  • Listen to your story and discuss your family law options; 
  • Investigate the matter—gathering relevant evidence and information; 
  • Advocate for you in any settlement talk with a spouse or co-parent; and
  • Develop a comprehensive strategy driven to get the best results. 

We know that your family law is unique. Our firm will invest the time and resources to provide truly personalized representation. We encourage you to check out what our clients have to say and to reach out to our Pembroke family lawyer directly with any specific questions or concerns. 

Contact Our Pembroke Family Lawyers for a Confidential Case Review

At RPB Family Law, our Pembroke family lawyers always put the rights and interests of our clients first. No matter the situation you are working through, we are ready to review your case and help you determine the solution. Contact us today to set up your confidential consultation. We provide family law services in Pembroke, the Ottawa Valley, and throughout the wider region in Ontario.