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Does Child Support End at 18?

Just when you’ve said goodbye to sending child support for your newly-turned 18-year-old child, you realize that there are exceptions. Perhaps you’re the parent who’s been receiving child support and wondering if they’ll keep enjoying the benefits even after 18 years. You have come to the right place. The Ottawa Family Lawyer at RPB Family Law is ready to walk you through the journey to child support after 18. Below are some interesting facts you need to know:

Does child support end at 18?

In Ontario, According to the Family Law Act or Divorce Act, every parent has a legal obligation to provide support for their child below the age of 18 years, provided they’re financially capable. Child support provision starts at birth but how it ends depends on several factors. The legislation conditions for paying child support after 18 apply may apply if, for example, one of the below factors applies:

  • Your child is enrolled in a full-time attendance school or possibly even part-time, depending on their circumstances. The law may compel you to keep providing until they finish their studies, subject to reasonability.
  • Your child is mentally or physically incapacitated, so getting employed is impossible. The parent will likely still need to provide table and special and extraordinary child support until they’re rendered fit to get employed.

Children are still entitled to child support regardless of who they’re living with. To avoid seeing child support payment as a burden, consider submitting your payment on time. This not only prevents the law from taking action against you but also can go a long ways towards effective co-parenting.

How a family lawyer can help you navigate your child support payment after 18

The laws keep changing, so it would be best if you worked with someone who understands how it applies to your situation. You need a family lawyer because:

  1.     They’re dedicated to fulfilling your family’s happiness

No one wants to get on the bad side of the law, and refusing to pay child support after 18 can fuel it. A family lawyer has experience and strives to help clients receive fair judgment for the sake of their kids. The RPB Family Law team puts their clients’ interests first, and does their best to ensure everyone goes home happy.

  1.     You want to know how the Ontario Family Law or Divorce Law regarding child support after 18 works

It starts with booking consultation services to get the right information that will help you once your child hits their 18th birthday.

We are here to help!

Whether you’re the parent receiving the child support or paying, it’s vital to know what happens after your child turns 18. Fortunately, our team at RPB Family Law is ready to represent you or share deep insight into how the law applies to your situation.