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How Long Does It Take to Get a Divorce In Ontario?

Is Divorce Lengthy in Ontario?

Divorce laws are different in every country, and sometimes they may differ within different states or provinces in the country. Divorce in Ontario will be different than divorce in Quebec. Ottawa family lawyers will be very helpful in getting a divorce in Ontario.  When getting a divorce, most spouses want to get the process over with as fast as possible. However, you cannot speed up the process as, in most cases, you must wait until things follow their due course.  Getting a divorce in Ontario is cumbersome and time-consuming, especially if there is difficulty communicating between the spouses. Reaching an acceptable agreement about child custody, spousal support, and other issues is complex, and the more challenging it is, the longer it will take.  The answer to how long it takes to get a divorce in Ontario is that it typically takes several months. However, it is much more complicated than that as the timeframe for a divorce in Ontario will depend on plenty of factors, including:  The Law Typically, couples are not legally allowed to finalize a divorce until they have lived separately for not less than a year. 

Can The Mandate to live Separately for One Year Be Lifted When filing for Divorce?

There are cases where this legal mandate can be lifted, including if there is evidence of 

  • adultery, 
  • domestic violence, 
  • mental cruelty and 
  • financial abuse. 

Separations in Ontario

Many couples in Ontario will negotiate a separation agreement to speed up their divorce proceedings. Separation agreements will address various issues, including child custody and spousal support regardless of which spouse the payments will go to during the period.  Separation agreements will also outline the nature of the property division and establish who will live in the family home during the year of separation. 

 Divorce Application

A crucial point to note is that the court can finalize an application for divorce in Ontario quicker if both spouses work together to speed up the divorce process. However, if there are disagreements regarding various issues, the divorce will undoubtedly take longer. Even things such as serving the divorce application can be slowed down if one spouse does not cooperate and attempts to evade service.  For a contested divorce, the time frame is longer since the spouses have to agree first, or have the court make a decision.

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