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Should You Get Married in Canada?

Reasons for Marriage

Is marriage really necessary anymore? Many people in Canada ask themselves the same question, but it is important to consider the benefits that come with marriage. As recently as a few years ago, a poll conducted by the Angus Reid Institute showed that about 53 percent of adults in Canada do not believe that marriage was necessary, and only about 47 percent of those surveyed thought Canadian couples in long-term relationships should consider marriage. The poll also showed that about 40 percent of Canadian adults had never been married, and many were not considering marriage. Indeed, only about 19 percent of Canadian adults represented in the survey said that they thought marriage was “very important.” 

If marriage rates are declining overall, what are some of the reasons that people in Ottawa should consider marriage? Our Ottawa family lawyers have helpful information to guide you.


Financial Benefits

One of the most common reasons that people get married, or at least cohabitate with one another, is finances. According to the Pew Research Center, the following facts help to show how important financial benefits are to individuals who are considering marriage:

  • Married couples living together can combine finances and pay a single rent or mortgage on two incomes;
  • About 40 percent of adults who cohabitate, and many who ultimately get married, self-report that financial convenience is the reason for deciding to live together in a long-term relationship, and for some of those cohabiters, to get married; and
  • Approximately 13 percent of married people report that the major factor in deciding to get married was financial convenience.

Married couples also tend to do better financially than unmarried single people who live alone because of the financial benefits of a shared household.


More Stability for Kids, Research Says

If you are planning to have children, research suggests that kids grow up in a more stable environment when their parents are married, according to U.S. News & World Report. Indeed, a study from The Future of Children shows that “children are much more likely to experience complex arrangements, or situations where they end up living with other relatives or unrelated adults, if their biological parents aren’t married when they are born.” Further, that research shows, when children who are “born to married biological parents get more attention, which results in more structured time and less unsupervised activities than children with single parents or married or unmarried stepparent families.”

When parents are married, research also suggests that children do better health-wise and financially since they benefit from shared household finances and improved economic status.


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